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Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Off That Couch!

Any dieting activity goes only so far in improving general  fitness, and without the addition of REGULAR exercise ( by regular, I mean DAILY exercise) you are doomed to fail.  Sure, people can lose weight with just calorie-cutting, but that is only going to help up to a point.  Drastic calorie reduction will slow your metabolism and make it harder to burn fat over time.  The body’s metabolic rate depends on the overall activity level, and if you spend all day sitting down or barely moving in your job, you must find time to work out. 

How to find the time?  Look at what time you usually get up and what time you have to be at work.  If you normally rise at 6 am to be at work by 8, then get up at 5:30 instead.  Spend 30 minutes engaged in any sort of exercise routine, and be sure to add in a brief warm-up and cool-down.  The warm-up/cool-down for a limited 20-minute workout in front of an aerobics video doesn’t need more than 5 minutes for each.  You still have plenty of time to shower, dress and eat before you have to punch the clock.

The key is to do whatever it is that you decide is a good “exercise” activity for you everyday regardless of whether or not it’s a weekend day, a holiday or if you are out of town.  Once you program your brain to follow this pattern, it becomes ever easier to accomplish.  In fact, once this habit forms, you might actually feel remorse when you miss a day!

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